About the Center

The Trento Center for Social Research Methods was established as a result of the award of the Department of Excellence programme (MIUR grant) obtained by the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento. Its objective is to foster the advancement, dissemination, and use of state-of-the-art research methods to answer social science problems. This is pursued by bringing together members with specific expertise at the Trento Center for Social Research Methods, as well as by inviting internationally renowned research methods scholars with complementary expertise.

What we do:

Improve the quality of research.

One of the core objectives of the Center is to improve the knowledge and innovative use of social research methods.

Provide training for academics.

The Center offers high-quality and specialised courses to PhD students and more senior academics. (see below)

Encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.

The Center also aims to be a hub for intellectual discussion related to social research methods, by organizing seminars and by inviting top scholars.

Ensure high quality methods training for students.

The Center will also promote grounded and high-quality research methods training for Bachelor and Master students. (see below)

Organize methods-related international events.

In the coming years the Center will organize a series of events on social science research methods.

Provide services to the broader community.

The Center also aims to link with the broader community, e.g. by offering training to members of governmental and non-governmental organizations. (see below)

For Academics

We regularly organize introductory, intermediary, and advanced courses on a diversity of research methods. These can be beneficial for both PhD students and senior academics.

The aim is:
– to enable newcomers to get introduced to innovative methods,
– to enable those familiar with a specific method to further improve their expertise,
– to provide refresher courses for those familiar with a specific method by offering them the latest developments in the field.

Most courses offer opportunities to apply the methods to example datasets, as well as own datasets.

For Students

Research methods are crucial for both Bachelor and Master students, as they enable social scientists to understand society. The aim of the Center is to ensure that both Bachelor and Master students are offered a diversity of up-to-date research methods classes, so that they are able to maximally contribute to a better world and to ensure that they are employable.

For Organizations

As organizations are confronted with a constantly changing world, and an increasing wide range of available data, we provide courses on research methods to members, employees, and management from both government and non-governmental organizations. These can be taken for those who feel they need a refresher of their methods skills, as well for those who need introductory and/or advanced courses on new methods. For more information please contact us about what we can offer.